Sunday, August 1, 2010

What I've learned... since I've been in Atlanta

What I’ve learned is that the one you ran away with may just be the one who took you away from where you needed to be.

I’ve learned that if he says he is in school, yet you have never seen him actually go to class… he may be lying.

I’ve learned that not picking up on the lying is not being naïve… it’s just being stupid; you’re mother should’ve taught you better than that damnit.

I’ve learned that if he didn’t pay on the first date he will probably never will pay… so don't expect rent from him two years later.

I’ve learned that the people you think you hate the most are the ones that are probably the closest to your heart… i.e. the people you work with and the family you pretend isn’t there.

I’ve learned that you don’t realize how precious your family is to you until they are no longer there, and the loss only makes it harder.

I’ve learned that letting go is not only the hardest thing to do but probably the most necessary.

I’ve learned that no matter how I think I’m strong enough to go through what my mother did alone… I will always still need her help and alone is not always the best.

I’ve learned that God answers prayers in ways that you do not always expect and/or see.

I’ve learned that “the one” may already be in your life and if you weren’t blind it would be easier to see.

I’ve learned that when you think you love someone, you should probably have a drink or two and see if you still feel the same way in a few months… some circumstances should probably take longer.

I’ve learned that when men say they are ready for life and have grown up that they will still need about ten years to make that statement true.

I’ve learned that when you hit rock bottom… and then still manage to go further down to just wait a second. Your guardian angel is on the way, just takes a while to fly that low.

I’ve learned that listening is part of being a friend, and actually caring is why they call you a best friend.

I’ve learned that even if you don’t want to hear it… therapy is so worth the money at times.

I’ve learned that people will show up in your life not always when you want but exactly when you need them.

And most of all, I’ve learned that when your back is against the wall and there is nothing left of your life but little pieces of it laying all around the floor, it’s probably time to dig deep, grab some duct tape and put the damn thing back together. Life is too short to give up now and I’m still learning that if I give in too soon, I won’t be able to raise hell and change the world… and changing the world always starts back at home.

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