Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Past Present... tenses of love

Why is it that the past never seems to actually stay in the past? It always has a way of becoming relevant again. So why can’t we keep the past from the present, and the truth is do we ever really want to?

Great loves are incredibly hard to find. The kind of love that not only melts your heart but it touches your soul, you know, that place that you thought only God existed. When the past messes up and breaks your heart, sometimes the only thing you can do is walk away to a new future that is pain free, but when the past seems to correct itself, feelings of longing seem to creep into the present and there is no longer a past tense to your memories. Heartache can be a binding force on love, but how long can you really keep your heart at bay from the love you know is out there but are afraid of facing. So until then, I will be here, slightly bruised and broken, but resilient in love nonetheless.