Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Was it ever Love?

Was it ever love?
After a relationship we always look back at what has been and reminisce, wondering if things could ever be different. We wonder if it was how long that place in our hearts will be sore, if it was real, and in the hardest of times, if it was love at all. When we are in the middle of a relationship, it is like being caught in a hurricane. With the winds and thunder, it is hard to even see the outside world and therefore we relent and believe that there is nothing better and that this is how love is. When the hurricane starts to disintegrate however, our eyes fall upon a new world full of possibilities and it makes us question the feelings we used to swear by.

When I sit down at night and think of him, I am plagued by so many thoughts. I have the current frustration and anger and then there is the hint of sadness that maybe it wasn’t even love but only an affection that was blind.

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