Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moving forward and cutting the strings

We all say that we want freedom and independence… that is until we actually get it. There is something frightening in having your own destiny put in the palm of your hand. No longer are you relying on the other, or waiting around for everyone else to get it right. Now all of a sudden it’s all you and you’ve never been more scared. Looking back now at past decisions and mistakes made along the way, I have to think to myself, which hurts more, the broken heart or the aftermath it leaves behind. With a band-aid for the soul, broken hearts heal with time, but it seems that the remnants of that past love are like jagged pieces of glass that continue to nick you only to remind you of the pain, especially just when you think that you’ve moved on. It may only be the smallest of cuts, but it reminds you each time you move and feel the pain that that love existed and now it is only a distant memory; a thought of what used to be and what can never be again. With scissors in your hand and the ability to leave it all behind with a simple snip of the ties holding you back, it seems as though this is the moment we hesitate. We stand in the middle of what has been and what can be and the thought of standing still and not moving at all is almost more comforting that choosing a direction in which to go.

This very moment is what defines who we are at the very core of our being. At this moment there is no one else to lean on and your two feet are finally standing strong beneath you

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